Testimonials & Photos

Testimonials & Photos

  • 19 Dimcho Debelianov St, Pazardzik

    "At the beginning of the year we have replaced all the windows, later on in spring time the building was insulated as well. The final effect is really significant. We use mainly electricity to heat our homes - with radiators or air conditioners. Once the improvements have been implemented some of us have witnessed cuts in their electricity bills by 40%. Now it is much warmer during the winter. The windows are new, perfectly sealed. ...

  • Diana Petkova, bl. 147, Trakia estate, Plovdiv

    "My family took the "Energy efficiency" loan which we managed to pay back after 6 months. The final effect after the improvements is enormous. It is difficult to accurately calculate the extent of the savings as the prices have risen several times since we’ve started. However two things come to mind. Firstly, at the moment we manage to heat both the living and dinning rooms with a single radiator only, previously it was impossible. Secondly, ...

  • Dimitar Vakrilov Dimitrov

    "This a very timely and useful programme in support of residential energy saving. Improving wall insulation and installing a heat pump system to provide heating, enormously improve the energy efficiency at the home."

  • Mr Iotov, House Manager, 26 Hemus St, Sofia

    "We all took part in this project – 12 flat owners in total. In the first year after the improvements have been carried out my bill for the whole heating season was 900 lv and I have registered a saving of 200 lv. This year the saving is even bigger. Not to mention the extra benefit of the incentive grant that we received!"

  • Nikolay Meshkov, House Manager, 18 Kiril Bozikov St, Sofia

    "Although our building is relatively new it was not insulated. And we could all feel that. During the winter heat was easily lost, in the summer it was quite hot. At the beginning not all were convinced that improvement measures were necessary, however at the end we all decided to take part. The heating prices have risen significantly since we have completed the project – at least now it is nice and warm in our ...