Biomass Stoves & Boilers

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for biomass heating stoves and boilers
financed under the REECL Programme


  • High-efficiency logwood stoves/ furnaces/boilers:
    • Advanced combustion stoves
    • Catalytic stoves
  • Wood chips stoves, furnaces and boilers with automatic feeding systems
  • Pellets stoves, furnaces and boilers with automatic feeding systems
  • Briquettes stoves, furnaces, and boilers  with automatic feeding
  • Straw stoves, furnaces and boilers with automatic feeding systems

All the above with or without associated space heating and DHW systems


Eligibility Criteria:


  • Logwood/pellets/chpis/briquettes: CO<6250 mg/Nm3 (0.5 volume %), Particules<300 mg/Nm3
  • Straw: CO<10000 mg/Nm3 (0.8 volume %), Particules<600 mg/Nm3

Efficiency (based on the lower heating value of the fuel):

  • Manual fed systems: >70%•
  • Automatic fed systems: > 75%

All heat emitters are to be provided with thermostat control (radiators with thermostatic valves, fan-coils with room thermostats, etc)

This measure is not applicable for individual apartments in multi-storey apartment Buildings connected to district or central building heating systems).

Efficiency and emissions are established in accordance with: EN 303-5 , EN 14785:2006 , EN 13229.

Hot water cylinders, included in the DHW system, must be with an output of less than or equal to 70kW and a capacity of less than or equal to 500 litres with energy rating of A or B in accordance with the Energy Related Products Directive for Hot Water Cylinders effective from 26 September 2015.


Conformity Requirement:

CE Marking or Certificates of conformity issues by accredited institution in EU.

When conformity is certified by an Accredited Institution, the vendor must submit all drawings, bill of materials, and other pertinent product specifications, on the basis of which the Institution has issued its certification report.