Central Heating

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for the upgrading of building-level central heating installation financed under the REECL Programme



The building-level central heating installation comprises of packaged heat exchanger station(s), building controls, auxiliary equipment, piping, and heat emitters in the dwellings.


Eligibility Criteria:

The packaged heat exchanger station(s) must be equipped with all necessary heat exchangers, pumps, meters, control valves and control units that could be connected to higher-level supervisory and control systems for the building as a whole. The building-level central heating installation and control system must comply with the heat supplier’s requirements and meet the heating needs of the building.
All heat emitters should be fitted with thermostatic controls (radiators with thermostatic valves, fan-coils/convectors with room thermostats, etc).

Metering equipment at least on building-level for each energy carrier must be installed.

Overall energy efficiency of the heating system including as applicable and at least generation, distribution and end- use must be improved by 25% in comparison with the baseline energy use.
The upgrading of building-level central heating installations should be carried out in accordance with all applicable Bulgarian and EU directives, norms and regulations and in particular:

  • Ordinance (of 28.07.2005) on the technical rules and standards for design, construction and operation of facilities and equipment for generation, transmission and distribution of heat
  • Ordinance (of 6.04.2007) on heat supply


Conformity Requirement:

CE Marking or Certificates of conformity issues by accredited institution in EU.

When conformity is certified by an Accredited Institution, the vendor must submit all drawings, bill of materials, and other pertinent product specifications, on the basis of which the Institution has issued its certification report.