How to Apply

How to apply for a REECL loan

The key steps of applying for a REECL Sub-loan are listed below:

Choose your sustainable energy home improvement project, Eligible Installers and the Participating Financial Institution

  1. Select B+ or A energy rating for your home in construction or Eligible Technologies from the following webpage:
  2. Decide on the company that will supply and install the technology. A list of Eligible Installers can be found on The Eligible Installers can provide advice, quotations, technical specifications and drawings of your home improvements.
  3. Choose a Participating Financial Institution. See the list of banks taking part in the REECL Programme on:
  4. Contact your chosen bank for more details about the latest REECL Sub-loans terms and conditions and further information about the Sub-loan application process.
Apply for a REECL Sub-loan to finance your home improvement project

  1. Once you have chosen the bank, home improvements and installer, visit any bank branch to apply for a REECL Sub-loan.
  2. Discuss your home improvement project with a Sub-loan adviser and choose the most suitable REECL Sub-loan product.
  3. Fill in the REECL Sub-loan Application Form.
  4. Within a short period of time, you will receive an answer from the bank regarding your application.
  5. Visit the bank branch to sign the REECL Sub-loan agreement, if your project is eligible for financing.
Apply for the REECL Investment Incentive upon successful completion of your project

  1. After completing your home improvement project, financed with a REECL Sub-loan, visit your bank branch to submit the Investment Incentive Application Form supported by the required documentation. The Application Form must be lodged within 4 months from the date of Sub-loan signing or as specified in your Sub-loan agreement.
  2. Receive the Investment Incentive payment, subject to successful desk or site verification by a REECL Administrative Officer.



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