Registration of Elligible Installers


Registration of Suppliers and Installers

The REECL Programme is inviting firms experienced in supplying and installing home improvements, including energy efficient windows; insulation of walls, roofs and floors; efficient biomass stoves/boilers; solar water heaters; efficient gas boilers; heat pump systems; building-integrated photovoltaic systems; heat-exchanger stations and building installations; gasification installations; lifts; and balanced mechanical ventilation systems with heat recovery to register as suppliers and installers for the programme.

Please submit to the REECL Project office one page company profile; a list of Eligible Technologies supplied by your firm including manufacturer name, product name, and model number; and sufficient supporting information that should adequately demonstrate that the company has:

  • necessary registration and licences to supply and install Eligible Technologies,
  • adequate insurance,
  • qualified staff to install Eligible Technologies in accordance with the local legislation and professional standards for workmanship,
  • capacity to maintain installed Eligible Technologies where necessary,
  • adequate resources and ability to implement Eligible Technologies of a good quality, on schedule and within budget.