Heat Pump Systems

Save Energy

Heat pump heating and cooling split systems can reduce electricity bills for heating in the home in Bulgaria by as much as 60%, when compared to most electric heating systems


The DC-inverter-driven heat pump will keep you comfortable on the coolest and hottest days of the year, effectively lowering humidity levels while maintaining the desired temperature, with a positive impact on the environment and your wallet. When matched with a variable-speed air handler featuring DC inverter technology, high efficiencies can be achieved, further helping to outfit your indoors with the utmost comfort while reducing operating expenses and contributing to a cleaner environment.

Usually less powerful units may be more appropriate for smaller homes in cooler regions, in which a heat pump may be used to provide a base load heating, topped up by other heating sources on the colder days of the year. More powerful units may better serve the heating and cooling requirements of larger homes in warmer regions. An efficient home comfort system is more than just a heat pump unit. Matching a compatible air handler to a heat pump will dramatically boost the heat pump’s coefficient of performance (COP), which means maximizing indoor comfort, decreasing energy consumption, and ultimately lowering energy bills.


Heat pump systems efficiently and cleanly provide both cooling in the summer and heating in the winter. In the summer, a heat pump operates like an air conditioner, removing heat from the indoors and transferring it outside. In the winter, a heat pump actually is an air conditioner operating in reverse, taking heat from the outdoor air and delivering warmth indoors. Although it does not feel warm outside, heat actually exists in the outdoor air, at temperatures well below freezing.

However, on extremely cold days, some heat pump systems may not provide enough heat and auxiliary electric or other top-up heating may be required to provide supplemental heat in order to maintain the desired indoor temperature.

To select the best heat pump system for your home, you are advised to contact a certified HVAC consultant to help you with determining the most appropriate technical solution for your home assessing its size, construction type, geographical location and your heating and cooling requirements.

Benefits of Using Energy Efficient Heat Pump Systems:

  • Achieving substantial energy savings in comparison with conventional electric heating
  • Boasting a seasonal average COP of over 2.6, which means that with 1 kW of motor power (electric power) used, 2.6 kW of heat will be released in the home under the prevailing climatic conditions in Bulgaria
  • Producing and distributing conditioned air evenly and consistently throughout your home reducing the number of cold spots and fluctuating temperatures
  • Saving the environment by making best use of the free heat that exists in outdoor air