Save Energy

Up to 25% of heat loss in the home can be stopped by improved insulation


In a typical Bulgarian dwelling, around one-third of the heat produced by a heating system is rapidly lost through the roof, ceiling and walls.
Where possible, all exposed (and semi-exposed) construction elements of the dwelling should be adequately insulated to produce an integrated insulation package.

This will minimise heat loss in the most cost-effective way, reduce heating demand and improve comfort.

Before undertaking your insulation project, always consult with certified construction specialist or insulation installer regarding the most appropriate solution for insulating the contraction elements of your dwelling so that the U-values required by the Bulgarian Building Regulations are achieved.

Some of the most typical insulation improvements in the home are outlined below:

  • Insulation of the roof – As much as 20% of your energy bill can be saved by good roof insulation. Roofs should be insulated by either a contractor or DIY. Mineral wool (such as Rockwool or Rocksil), fibreglass and perlite products all work well.
  • Insulation of the walls – Most heat (up to half the total) is lost through the walls of an uninsulated house. Wall insulation can reduce this loss by two-thirds and make your home more comfortable. If the walls are solid, internal insulation (often applied in the form of an insulated board fixed to the wall) is highly effective, but means rooms have to be redecorated and may lose architectural detail. This can be done by competent DIYers and may be done on a room by room basis at the same time the home is redecorated. Internal insulation is usually a more cost-effective option than external insulation. External insulation can be a sensible solution where the external walls may require remedial action. External insulation usually needs planning permission and should only be carried out by specialist companies.
  • Insulation of the floor – You can lose as much as 10% of heat through uninsulated floors. There are a number of ways of solving this problem, including insulating blankets under suspended floors and laying boards over concrete floors.

The requirements for the selection and replacement of external insulation of residential buildings in Bulgaria are covered by the Building Regulations. Householders are advised to contact a building regulations consultant for details of these requirements.